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Why Join a Chapter?

The key to a strong and well-rounded organization lies within academics and brother/sisterhood. Texas State holds a system for Greek organization in which all member organizations must attain a certain GPA to stay in good standing. Each fraternity & sorority strives to not only better member's college experience but also to improve their academics, one of MGC's main objectives.
Members demonstrate tremendous personal commitment and individual involvement in community service projects that have been the cornerstone of these organizations since their conception.
Another positive aspect of membership in Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities is the support for those seeking comfort. Greek life is a very rewarding experience that helps people form bonds of life-longfriendships and become part of a community of leadership and excellence. Belonging to these organizations gives students a sense of belonging, and a sense of family away from home.
Social Interaction
MGC fraternities and sororities also provide the climate for social interaction and inclusion. Students develop best in environments where they feel valued, protected, accepted and socially connected with people of similar backgrounds and similar interests and ideas.
Lifetime Commitment
The bond shared among fraternity and sorority members lasts a lifetime and it progresses past the undergraduate experience. After graduation, members remain active and influential in their communities. Graduates or alumni/alumnae also provide a means of professional networking for members after college.

Interested in finding your place @ TXST? Would you be interested in joining a community where a diverse group of individuals come together for the purpose of creating lifelong bonds, pursuing higher education, and helping the community?

Consider taking an insight into Texas State University's Multicultural Greek Council! Within the Texas State Multicultural Greek Council lies 7 organizations. Sigma Lambda Beta, Inc. & Phi Iota Alpha, Inc. are the 2 leading Fraternities. Alpha Psi Lambda, Inc. resides as our Co-Ed Fraternity. And 4 sororities reside within the council: Delta Xi Nu, Inc.; Kappa Delta Chi, Inc.; Sigma Delta Lambda, Inc.; & Sigma Lambda Gamma, Inc.

All our members within our council, strive to be responsible leaders in our community that desire excellence in all areas. MGC and its residing organizations' ultimate goal is to help one find their "home away from home", lifelong friendships, a strong support system, academic success, etc.

Joining a Multicultural Greek community can lead one to create a bond like NEVER BEFORE with a group of individuals that are interested in:
• Pursuing Higher Education
• Leadership Involvement
• Community Service
• Academics
• Culture Awareness
• Awareness of National/Local Philanthropy
• Brotherhood/ Sisterhood
• Networking
• Values

Take a look this upcoming semester on what the Texas State MGC organizations have to offer! What better way to make a unique experience within your collegiate career that can prepare you for your future endeavors! Stay updated, for more insights on events or other leading information!