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Kappa Delta Chi

kappa delta chi

The purpose of Kappa Delta Chi is to promote the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership among women. They blossom into committed leaders, are able to network with our remarkable alumnae, and continue to serve as civic leaders well past their graduation. KDChi is a sorority full of diverse and eager women ready to make a difference in their communities. We believe, with sisters, anything is possible.

  • Nicknames: KD Chi
  • Values: Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership
  • Colors: Maroon & Light Pink
  • Flowers/Symbols: Pink Rose, Emerald Stone, and Penguin
  • Nationally Founded: Texas Tech University April 6, 1987
  • Locally Installed: 1998
  • National Philanthropy: American Cancer Society
  • Local Philanthropy: Kids Against Drugs (KAD)